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Remove watched videos from YouTube subscription feed

Videos that you have already watched are just in the way when browsing your subscriptions. This bookmarklet removes them!


Drag the following link to your bookmark bar!

Remove watched

Or add this code to a bookmark:

javascript:(function(a){let b=(c,d)=>{return d?b(c.parentNode,d-1):c};Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('ytd-thumbnail #progress')).filter(c=>'%')[0]>a).forEach(c=>b(c,6).remove())})(95)

How it works:

Basically it checks for the bar on videos showing progress, and if it’s bigger than some threshold (95%) it removes the DOM node.

;(function(completion) {
  let parent = (el, levels) => {
    // Helper function to go up multiple parentNode levels
    if (levels > 0) {
      return parent(el.parentNode, levels - 1)
    return el

  Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('ytd-thumbnail #progress'))
    .filter(el =>'%')[0] > completion)
    .forEach(el => parent(el, 6).remove())