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Simpler imgur album reader

So even though I really like bookmarklets, and sometimes make them much more complicated than they should be, in some rare circumstances it’s just plain easier to build a simple web app instead.

I never really was satisifed with how my imgur comics reader bookmarklet worked, mostly because it needed to pretty much remove all the existing styling from imgur and override it, and just displaying some images in a sufficiently large size shouldn’t be that difficult. So a while back I coded up a simple web app in react that did just that. I moved it into my personal blog because it seemed simpler to host it in the same place. The app is fairly simple. It takes in either an album hash or a complete URL to an album on imgur, uses their free for non-commercial use API to fetch the images and then displays them in a top-to-bottom way.

You can use it at /imgur-reader, which you also can add to your bookmarks if you want to.

Perhaps I could even add a bookmarklet to copy the current page URL and open it in the app… 😜